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Det europeiske Piratartiet

First Ordinary Council Meeting - Brussels 2015

Delegate: Tale Haukbjørk Østrådal As MoB: Anders Kleppe

Nomination from PP-NO


  • Smári McCarthy, PP-IS
  • Tale Haukbjørk Østrådal, PP-NO

Vice Chairpersons

  • Smári McCarthy, PP-IS
  • Tale Haukbjørk Østrådal, PP-NO
  • Muriel Esteva, PP-CAT


  • Anders Kleppe, PP-NO

Board Members

  • Raymond Johansen, PP-NO
  • Lola Voronina, PP-RU
  • Anders Kleppe, PP-NO

Previous Council Meetings - Founding Conference

Appointed delegates 2014

In National Board meetings 14th and 17th February PP-NO nominated Anders Kleppe, PP-NO, as a candidate for the vice-chairperson, and member of the board positions in PP-EU.

2014 - Support from PP-NO

It is in a meeting 20th February 2014 decided by the International Team PP-NO to support the following PP-EU Board-candidates.


  • Amelia Andersdotter, PP-SE


  • Martina Pöser, PP-DE
  • Anders Kleppe, PP-NO


  • Radek Pietron, PP-PO

Members of the Board

  • Paul Bossu, PP-BE
  • Antonios Motakis, PP-GR
  • Gregory Engels, PPI
  • Dario Castañé, PP-CAT / PP-ESCON
  • Maxime Rouquet, PP-FR

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